Small Town Big Dreams: The mindset to be the Best in the business.

This book is about folks from small towns who want to start or expand their
business. It focuses on the mindset that how you can overcome the hurdle and
compete with the best in the market. It also focuses on the importance of creating
value by implementing the right strategies with the right intent.

The ability to run a professional business is no longer limited by location. What you need is a vision and a mission and a burning desire. To ‘make it happen’, wherever you are. Be early. Even you make mistakes it will be learning in a long run.

  • Chapter 1: The Mindset
  • Chapter 2: What you believe is what you become
  • Chapter 3: How to invest in yourself
  • Chapter 4: Failing early is better in the long run
  • Chapter 5: Importance of coming together
  • Chapter 6: Learn, implement, execute, adapt
  • Chapter 7: Buy Standard Sell Standard
  • Chapter 8: Deep insights
  • Chapter 9: Take the risk to get Reward
  • Chapter 10: Creating Value

I hope this Book will motivate you and help you in building a business.

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